Gamma Blast

Chad Denning — Creative Leader/Director/Editor

As Director and Editor of Gamma Blast, Chad continues to build a business centered around creativity that entertains and moves people while everyone has fun in the process. Rooted in Gamma Blast are the qualities that makes Chad a rare find (I’m sure he’s blushing somewhere, right now.)Yes, he’s won awards, has a great eye, continual ideas and turns a shoot or edit into a easy-going experience, but he’s truly a collaborative storyteller–always looking for the best idea that makes the project better.

Chad sees projects as a whole–from working as a Director and an Editor– so he shoots efficiently and understands how the media Gamma Blast creates, fits into the overall marketing plan. His secret sauce has television channels, musical artists, independent producers and Fortune 100 companies relying on Chad and Gamma Blast. Whether it’s a branded entertainment project, music video, commercial, web media, television programming or a corporate/marketing project, you get an artist who delivers smart, face-melting work without the artist’s attitude.


Fun Facts:

<p”>Kurt Cobain once bought Chad tacos.
Don’t talk to him about de-tasseling corn. He may have flashbacks.
Chad once got a 5-minute major penalty for fighting…in a mascot charity hockey game…dressed as a dalmatian.

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