Gamma Blast

Matt Carroll–Editor and Motion Graphics

Versatile is one word to describe Matt Carroll, our new Editor and Motion Graphics artist. Matt feels comfortable whether he’s traveling in India or Singapore, or on his parents’ farm in Grandview, Iowa. This flexibility and interest in learning something new are also guideposts of his Production and Post career. Matt shoots with an impeccable eye, edits with an innate sense of timing and creates styles of motion graphics for a variety of looks. Whether Matt’s shooting, editing or creating motion graphics, he’s here to tease the story out of the material and to add creative ideas to projects. Along the way, he’ll also give you a story about the Graffiti Barn in his hometown, or the Taj Mahal. Welcome Matt as he’s new to Nashville.





Fun Facts:

Proud Green Bay Packers shareholder
Could drive a stick shift by age 10
Inherited a cat in a deal for a washer and dryer
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(615) 321-9552