The job list under Lisaann Dupont’s title reflects the full plate of her job as PR + Digital Manager for the Ryman Auditorium: Digital Strategy (website, social, email) and Public Relations. While she’s busy crafting communications for the Mother Church of Country Music, she takes time with Vidruptive to talk about how she uses video content to engage her audiences and support her integrated efforts.

Dupont loves creating and distributing regular video content to increase her reach, build the Ryman brand and implement sponsored digital content, for example, the “Backstage at the Ryman” video series, which is sponsored by Nissan (and created by Gamma Blast Studios.) She uses custom-made video content about once a month plus re-tweets of artists’ video content and other video pieces.


Testing Content Engagement – When Do They Respond?

As with most brands, the Ryman uses a multitude of social channels to engage its audiences in its digital marketing. Dupont knows the nuances of each, and keeps ahead, by continuing to test what’s working best on each platform. Testing includes determining the best times to post content that engages an audience. Dupont says Instagram is best Wednesdays after 5:00, and, interestingly enough, Facebook is Sunday mornings just after 7:00 am.

Using Channels for Different Reasons

For a specific video, Dupont posts videos on the Ryman’s YouTube channel while also uploading videos directly in Facebook and Twitter. For her, it’s all about reach. Video uploaded to Facebook multiplies her reach, especially if she spends a bit of advertising dollars to support it. Driving people to their YouTube channel translates into more subscribers and increases video views.

Video E-mail Excellence 

With e-mail, Dupont uses video is a few strategic ways. For the “Backstage at the Ryman” videos that go behind the scenes with a band, she sends the e-mail as a bonus for people who recently attended a show so they can get a fuller experience. This drives views to her YouTube channel and overall engagement.

As she’s promoting upcoming shows, she sends out targeted e-mails to people who have seen a band before and those on her list who have seen similar bands. If she has a video from a prior show in the can, it’s another arrow in her quiver. 

Ensuring that e-mail is successful for the Ryman is important since the venue tracks ticket sales from e-mail. “It’s a noticeable part of our business,” says Dupont. The venue’s e-mail sales are already on pace (in April) to surpass her yearly goal.

Stats back up Dupont’s success. Research (Implix E-mail Marketing Trends Survey) shows that click-through rates on the first, introductory e-mail shoot up 96% for e-mail with video.  It just takes the word “VIDEO” in the subject line to boost open rates 7% (Experian).

We’d love to hear how video is working in your overall digital marketing. What challenges do you face? What successes have you seen?