It’s like finding a $20 bill in an old pair of jeans. When you take your existing video content and turn it into another purpose, you feel like you’ve gotten a special on Amazon. Here are three ways to get the most out of video you’ve already created:

Take larger, existing video pieces and re-package them for social media

Remember that social media has a visual audience. Posts including photos, graphics, videos and links increase traffic and engagement. As you think about re-packaging video for social, know that people love lists and graphics on screen. Group many items under the same theme for a click-worthy social media video that can be watched with or without sound. We did this recently for our client, Travel Channel. They had a number of shows that we grouped under one topic, when paired down and combined with graphics became fun, 1-minute videos for Facebook.

Check raw footage for usable soundbites

Check remaining pieces of footage, from prior video shoots, to see if footage that did not make the final piece can be used for social media and your website. When you have the mindset to re-purpose content, you’ll find yourself asking an extra question or two in an interview, especially when you’re interviewing senior leadership so you don’t have to bug your CEO for awhile.

Freshen up an existing video with new soundbites

If your budget is tight, look at your existing videos to see if a complete re-do is needed. Sometimes shooting one to two interviews will get you your desired update. We did this recently for a non-profit as their mission hasn’t changed; their founders’ story hasn’t changed; the only thing that changed is the progress they’re making in medical research. Two interviews about their progress and, voila, new content was born.

It’s your turn to look at your video content in a new way–based on topic rather than only for a specific project. You’ll be able to find that $20 bill and even more this way.

Liz Denning is Co-Owner of Gamma Blast Studios, an integrated video production company specializing in content for brands and video marketing. Their work takes the form of YouTube series, broadcast story-driven commercials, video for social media, digital documentaries, online video and TV series. She’s always on the hunt for a new show to watch.