You’ve spent the money to create video content, but is your investment gaining traction? When we talk to a brand about video marketing, many people say that they’d like to get more views for their YouTube videos. They

know that video is one of the best ways to communicate with people about a brand, but some struggle with getting people to watch.

To help solve this problem, I chatted with Laura Pearse to get her take on this issue. Laura is Founder of

Pique(, a digital marketing firm that runs digital marketing campaigns and tracks analytics for clients such as The Grand Ole Opry, Nisolo Shoes and Ryman Auditorium.

Laura agrees online video is one of the few digital marketing offerings where people should be making significant investments in content. However, to get the most out of their video investment, they need to shift their thinking and tweak their practices.


Don’t Silo Your Videos, Support Them

Your videos shouldn’t be regarded as one-off projects that are siloed away from other marketing efforts. You wouldn’t create a traditional marketing piece, such as a billboard, to run alone and expect results–video is the same way. Pearse suggests folding your online video into your other marketing efforts and promote it to gain higher YouTube views, or whatever platform you choose to use.

Post Your Video More Often

Pearse says, “Start by thinking of each video as a mini advertising campaign, which includes a higher level of frequency and reach than you’re currently using.” For maximum reach, you need to increase how often you release the content by bringing it back after a week, a month, or even a year. As you re-release content, vary the social posts that introduce the video to keep the communication fresh. Remember that only a small slice of your audience saw it the first time and our brains are set to skim past content we’ve already seen so you don’t have to worry about annoying your audience.

Pearse says to prove this, she often asks clients to go to the social and web channels for their two favorite brands or artists. While often people feel like they’re up to date on their favorite brands’ content, often the client has missed a lot because no one checks their digital outlets 24/7.


Increase Your Reach

Post your video more places. Determine the top two most highly trafficked pages on your website and post your video there for a few weeks. Be sure to cut the video into shorter embeddable pieces for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with a thought of pinning the video to the top for a specific length of time so it isn’t lost.

Create and Promote Playlists

Include your online video into a YouTube playlist that you promote as its own element. Your playlist could be made up of exclusively your content, or you could curate content around a topic where you gather videos from multiple places.

Package Your Video Correctly

Follow these nuts and bolts to package each video correctly when you upload then to YouTube.

  • To help YouTube categorize certain videos together, put a boilerplate description of your company along with the links for the social channels of your company in the description of each video
  • Create a great thumbnail, with text if possible.
  • Make sure your tags are the best for SEO by using Google’s Keyword Tool to determine monthly traffic for certain phrases
  • Make sure your keyword phrase is at the beginning of your description
  • Add a subscribe annotation, or watermark to your video
  • To help you rank higher in Google, use Video in the title.
  • Even though this can be time consuming, upload a transcript of your video.

Support Your Video with Advertising

Finally, for every video you run, make sure to support it with a bit of paid advertising, especially for Facebook and YouTube, possibly on Instagram. Running on Facebook and Youtube without a paid boost of support greatly limits the chances your video will be seen.

There you have it! Thanks to Laura at Pique ( for her helpful reminders and tips. To increase your YouTube views, put these ideas into action. If you have other hacks, we’d love to hear them in the comments below.