With DVRs and constant online distractions, Scripps Networks, now Discovery, realized early on that it needed to use untraditional methods to get viewers to watch commercial breaks and to engage online.

Enter branded content. For more than seven years, Discovery's channels of HGTV, DIY, Great American Country, Food Network and Travel Channel have partnered with Gamma Blast Studios to create on-air and online branded content that attracts and engages the viewer so they don't click off, or click through the commercials.

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What do you do in a non-traditional hockey market to help boost interest in a team? If you’re the Nashville Predators, you work with Gamma Blast Studios to create a digital documentary series that explores the lives of the players.

Learn more about the three seasons of, “Beneath the Ice” and its strong viewership that helped create interest and community.

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DanceNetwork.tv is the first full-service network devoted entirely to the world of dance. Offering viewers an eclectic mix of dance from country to ballet and hip hop to ballroom, the network uses the universal language of movement to take audiences on unexpected journeys through their OTT channel and social communities.

Dance Network desired a robust community of viewers and sharers, but their numbers weren’t reflecting their audience potential. Click here to find out how we supplied robust OTT services, strategic social marketing and content support that took their viewers from 12,000 to 266,000 in eight months.

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