Project Specifics

When we engaged with Dance Network, the brand had a great product that was unique in its market, and a consumer base that was waiting for its dance-specific content and programming. The challenge was for the channel to find its audience.  The brand had room to grow: 

  • Viewers–12,000 a month
  • Facebook page–834 members, Twitter–198 members, Alexa score in the millions
  • SEO nonexistent
  • A website with only front-end capabilities
  • No web apps
  • No existing marketing plan

To build its audience, we:

  • WEBSITE. Rebuilt a Video on Demand (VOD) ready site in 6 months. Built Apps (Amazon Fire/Apple/Roku).
  • CREDIBILITY: Created a secondary podcast site to find influencers and viewers while we rebuilt the platform.
  • DEMAND: Created product demand by furnishing daily engagements as a news resource for the market.
  • CONTENT: Created content that was both engaging AND SEO ready for the highest level of impact.
  • SOCIAL: Generated a community base on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • BRAND PARTNERS: Began the process of finding brand partners to enhance appeal. 


Success! We found and drove the channel’s influencers and viewers to the channel’s content to significantly grow the channel.  At the end of our 8-month scope of work, Dance Network reached:

Viewership increased from 12,000/month to 266,000/month by its November launch. The growth stemmed from the podcast and the integration of key influencers and brand channel partners. We were able to cultivate traffic while developing the community landing page. Once out of beta, we were able to begin migrating’s listeners and social media followers to the new brand online store front. 

  • Facebook page–10,578 members, Twitter–2,672 members, Alexa Score–699
  • SEO drivers placed Dance Network on the first page for selected keywords.
  • Website had robust functionality, merch services and an easy user experience
  • Fully functional apps for Roku, Apple, Amazon Fire
  • Campaigns in place for online engagement
  • TheBarretender podcast listenership of 96,332


Of course, individual results may vary.