Visual Creator & Visionary

Chad Denning

As Founder, Chad steers the creative business as a Director/Editor. While creating thousands of branded media projects for companies as diverse as Fortune 20 brands to non-profits, he still has time to be an avid dreamer of bringatrailer.com auctions and the stable of vintage race cars he curates in his head.

Data Strategist & Content Builder

Barrett Leigh

Whether it’s building Hollywood blockbusters, branded social media campaigns, or the architecture for data-driven content, Barrett merges content with data in ways few can. Whatever the project, it’s always about optimizing the work to be the most relevant to the specific audience. He also likes a good bagel.

Brand Specialist & Marketing Innovator

Liz Denning

As a Co-Owner with a focus on results-driven brand tactics, Liz aligns clients with their brand initiatives. Using one-part data strategy and another part media content development, she helps clients such as Fortune 50 companies, find innovative solutions to their marketing challenges. Oh, and she has a podcast to tackle every life event so hit her up!

We’re next-level content creators who synthesize data insights with Hollywood processes for creative media concepting, production, editing, motion graphic animation, and delivery.

In our 16 years, we’ve grown by:

Tyler w dog on back

Serving as a Yoda to our client, Luke

Vanderbilt Zamora in loops

Making sure our work, works

Direct Auto Construction Zone -98

Working selflessly as a team

AND by celebrating our people and giving to our communities.

GIVING BACK: Gamma Gives

Take a look at one of our Gamma Gives projects: a series of four videos that, coupled with virtual roundtables, were instrumental in raising $1.5 million for a nationally recognized nonprofit.

Enough about us! Reach out if you’d like to chat about your marketing challenge.