Keep your Brand Front and Center with Data-Engineered Content

Is your Brand's Voice Falling on Deaf Ears, or Worse, No Ears?

What if there was a way to ensure your brand's message found relevant and demanding customers, regardless of the distribution model. How much difference would it make to your company strategy, financial earnings, and, yes, even company morale to know your business is growing its user base?

We creatively engineer data-infused content to make that happen.

We use data to inform the content and prepare the user for engagements.


For example, our Content Strategist rehabilitated the disconnected user base for Dance Network, the world's first dance-only streaming network while growing its brand presence. This improvement was only possible through user-generated data about the dance niche. We worked with the Over-The-Top (OTT) network to implement unique user-generated data collection resources by improving how the company constructed its message and media. Content to data at work.

The result? Triumph from the start. Some of the many wins included:

  • Launch of a customized and data-designed podcast that was used to identify personas. It grew from zero to 96,000 listeners.
  • A platform viewership increase within the first week from 12,000 to 266,000 viewers.
  • A social media presence from zero to tens of thousands.


“We’ve never seen a platform launch with such high traffic volume on its first day.”

Jeff Ayers @ Zype Media

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