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5 reasons your brand should have a data-aligned video marketing strategy yesterday

Your brand may be like many others. You randomly stick your videos on YouTube, or create videos inconsistently or in a way that doesn’t align with your marketing strategy. But there are legit reasons to construct your videos around a social insights strategy rooted in keywords for top Google authenticity. When you tap into the…
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Remember to give your brand some sizzle reel

  “In a world …” The voice of God from those trailers is burned into my mind. So for me and many of us, there’s nothing like a good sizzle reel for building buzz and excitement. It works for movies and it can definitely work for your brand. A sizzle reel (also sometimes called a…
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Little Rock influencer

6 Tips for Influencer Marketing Video that’s On Brand

It’s the perfect storm. People can sniff out if marketing feels authentic or not. Consumers are demanding more video. Influencers are pulling more weight as conduits to consumers. So, knowing all of this about video + marketing + influencers, how does a brand create influencer marketing that feels authentic, stays on brand, and doesn’t suck?…
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How to Tell How Long Your Script Is

If you’re giving a script a review eyeball, do you know how long the finished piece will be? Let’s talk about what a minute, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds look like in script format. 1-minute script This script hits one minute on the nose. In our downloadable template, use Helvetica 12-point font for two pages…
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Ralph Gressine

Motion Graphics Artist: Ralph Gressine

  Ralph Gressine not only speaks the language of motion graphics but also three other languages! He’s one of our newest craftspeople behind the visual marketing at Gamma Blast Studios. Read more to learn why our newest Motion Graphics Artist is talented and fab. Tell us about your international background: I grew up in Haiti,…
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Gamma Blast Studios (GBS) is working to fight the spread of COVID-19. Whether on location or inside a studio, GBS is committed to minimizing risk and monitoring general health standards for best practices. This will require additional responsibilities for all cast and crew. Please work within these guidelines and help us prevent infectious spread throughout…
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