Why You Should Grow Your YouTube Channel

Many, many organizations created a YouTube channel that’s now evolved into a library, or on a bad day, a dumping ground for video content. If that sounds like your brand, you may want to consider the untapped potential of your brand’s YouTube. Why? Here are four reasons why now is the time to grow your YouTube channel:


With YouTube, you can build a community of people interested in your content who likely have a strong intent to  YouTube analytics to grow your YouTube channel purchase. We continue to say, YouTube is the second-largest search engine. People go there often with the intent to buy or take action. If you’re a medical center, how valuable would it be to have an audience of people with a specific medical condition? Would a car insurance company want a group of people who love cars? And so on. Once you have a strong community, you can inform and sell to that community.


Sure with Instagram and Facebook, you can use Reels to expand your universe, but with YouTube, you have discovery and search mechanisms on steroids. First, let’s look at discovery–the YouTube algorithm serves up videos for you based on your watch history. Shorts, for example, leads people right to your longer content to binge. In fact, in a month, we received 56,000 views on Shorts which translated into more than 130 subscribers and more views on our longer content.


YouTube gives you the tools in their Analytics tab to understand how people are watching your videos or if they’re choosing to click at all. Understanding your click-through rate forces you to decide whether to improve your titles and thumbnails. In addition, the Analytics tab shows you when people are abandoning your content. If you assess your Analytics regularly, you can adapt your content based on audience feedback to grow your YouTube channel.


The content we’ve created on the DiamondHand Racing Series channel scores off the charts in terms of SEO because we’re infusing keywords into not just the titles, tags, and descriptions but the scripts themselves with closed captioning. We’re training the YouTube channel that we’re a leader in a niche. Using a solid SEO strategy in YouTube will translate into higher Google searches because Google prioritizes YouTube.

With all of the advantages of YouTube, do you feel like you should look at growing your channel? We hope so!  Let us know if you have questions. We’ll tackle how to rebuild a channel next time with specific learnings from our YouTube lab.




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