Answers to 4 Video Content Questions

Here are the top four video content questions answered.

Question: How Do You Make Video Content that Helps Close a Sale?

You make an explainer video and post the play button front and center on your website like our client, Integral. Gamma client Timothy Nobles says it’s helping people understand the product quicker, which moves people easier toward a sale.

You make helpful how-to video content that helps people think through a product or service as they research it. Or fun social videos that remind consumers they need to purchase like these diecast car race videos.

Question: What’s one way to make my social content more relevant?

Use SEO keywords and phrases in your social videos like this one for a home improvement brand. Hootsuite says it’s proven to work.

Question: How can I know what people say about my brand or topic?

You can use conversation data tools like we did for a study on Deep Depression, or comb through Reddit posts the ol’ fashioned way for first-person conversation insights.

Question: How do I show that my video generates actual sales?

Make your video interactive on your website or paid media so you can track who clicks to purchase.

Hope these answers to these video content questions help you make content that’s more meaningful and, of course, more profitable.


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