Case Study: Creating the Right Video Content Grows Profits

How to Grow Volume for a Service Line Using Video

If you’re marketing a high-dollar service, you may want to consider video for serious results. Video works to market a service because it’s the perfect way to show, tell and demonstrate empathy. Video moves people to act since they can see what to expect so they feel in control.

The following case study shows how we marketed a specific service offered by Vanderbilt Health. Vanderbilt Executive Health Physicals conducts half-day physicals that include nutrition counseling, exercise assessments, and mental wellness check-ins.

Its target audiences are large employers and high-net-worth patients. In general, these patients can go anywhere in the U.S. so Vanderbilt competes with healthcare providers such as the Cleveland Clinic. The Cleveland Clinic and others market extensively.

The client wanted to increase patients. As we thought about the overall category, many people are unsure as to how an executive health physical differs from a standard physical. We also realized that executives who are used to feeling in charge may be leery when they’re unsure of what to expect.

We designed our series of videos to humanize the service so executives and HR Directors would feel assured and their questions were answered. Our marketing strategy paid off with a huge increase in visits and a solid ROI.

The Results

The client credits the healthcare video marketing with increasing private pay patient volume by 86%.


This marketing effort showed a staggering 4779% return on investment. The client happily said, “With the amplified marketing, this clinic is drawing in a new pool of patients and employer clients.”

The content strategy addressed potential obstacles Gamma Blast Studios created the videos to address obstacles patients and employers may have as they consider the service.

About Video

Many executives don’t take the time for preventative care so small health issues can snowball into issues that affect a business. In the “About” video, we focused on how the service is designed to serve executives in its design. This video explained the service and showed the caring, customer-focused, and team-based approach that makes the service special.



Physician Video Profiles and the Meet the Team Video

Since these executives will only divulge information with a medical team it trusts, our videos showcased the empathy and experience of the clinic’s physicians and team members. The caregivers’ bedside manner shone through.

Showing and Telling the Nuts and Bolts

We’ve heard that the most important thing a church can show in a video is what church members wear. People want to know what to expect and what they’ll receive before they commit to using a service. For Executive Health, we used graphics to call out the specific services and created a Tour video that showed the entire facility.

Creating Demand

We produced YouTube video ads to increase interest among private-pay patients. The ads showed one of the physicians and the dietitian talking straight to the camera about why preventative care is important. For employers, we created short videos for employers to email employees to encourage sign-up. These videos, to spark demand for the service, highlighted common health concerns, such as stress, prescription use, and reducing bad habits.

Results like these are possible when marketers outline the questions people have about the service before videos are created. Providing answers and helping people know what to expect encourage people to sign-up, making video a powerful tool to market a high-dollar service.

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