Answers to 4 Video Content Questions

Amy Poehler raising her hand. Using it to talk about questions with video content

Here are the top four video content questions answered. Question: How Do You Make Video Content that Helps Close a Sale? You make an explainer video and post the play button front and center on your website like our client, Integral. Gamma client Timothy Nobles says it’s helping people understand the product quicker, which moves…

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Get More Audience on YouTube in 2 Overlooked Ways

How to get more audience on YouTube with the example of the Die Inspired YouTube channel

The internet is full of blog posts about how to get more audience on YouTube. You’ll see lists of tips on how to write engaging titles, improve your thumbnails, and infuse relevant keywords. Lots of good content out there. Within many articles, you may see the phrase, “Figure out what your audience wants.” This idea…

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How to Increase Views on your Video Content

Step #1 — Use Data to Fine-Tune Your Audience’s Interests People tell marketers every day what they prefer. Whether it’s in interactions on social media, discussions in community forums, or blog posts, consumers are signaling their interests like never before. The most tuned-in marketers use these leading insights to their advantage, by using audiences’ interests as…

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Case Study: Creating the Right Video Content Grows Profits

Increase in business from video marketing

How to Grow Volume for a Service Line Using Video If you’re marketing a high-dollar service, you may want to consider video for serious results. Video works to market a service because it’s the perfect way to show, tell and demonstrate empathy. Video moves people to act since they can see what to expect so…

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Why You Should Grow Your YouTube Channel

Many, many organizations created a YouTube channel that’s now evolved into a library, or on a bad day, a dumping ground for video content. If that sounds like your brand, you may want to consider the untapped potential of your brand’s YouTube. Why? Here are four reasons why now is the time to grow your…

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Machine Learning to Develop Video Content

Data insights graphic on severe depression conversation

To market a new health care service line, marketers need to understand how the treatment would fit into the patient’s world. Here, we look at an example of using machine learning data to develop video content as a first step. Gamma Blast Studios researched insights to market Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)…

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Growing Our YouTube Channel with TikTok

What We're Learning from YouTube aned Tiktok

A Viral TikTok Helps Us Grow our YouTube Channel Recently, we created a YouTube channel, DiamondHand Racing Series, to stay ahead of the curve for YouTube and TikTok. It’s been a blast! On our channel, we run Matchbox-style car races on a tricked-out track and chronicle the response. To share what we learn, we’re going…

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Remember to give your brand some sizzle reel

  “In a world …” The voice of God from those trailers is burned into my mind. So for me and many of us, there’s nothing like a good sizzle reel for building buzz and excitement. It works for movies and it can definitely work for your brand. A sizzle reel (also sometimes called a…

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6 Tips for Influencer Marketing Video that’s On Brand

Little Rock influencer

It’s the perfect storm. People can sniff out if marketing feels authentic or not. Consumers are demanding more video. Influencers are pulling more weight as conduits to consumers. So, knowing all of this about video + marketing + influencers, how does a brand create influencer marketing that feels authentic, stays on brand, and doesn’t suck?…

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How to Tell How Long Your Script Is

If you’re giving a script a review eyeball, do you know how long the finished piece will be? Let’s talk about what a minute, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds look like in script format. 1-minute script This script hits one minute on the nose. In our downloadable template, use Helvetica 12-point font for two pages…

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