How to Tell How Long Your Script Is

If you’re giving a script a review eyeball, do you know how long the finished piece will be? Let’s talk about what a minute, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds look like in script format.

1-minute script

This script hits one minute on the nose.

What a one minute script looks like written

In our downloadable template, use Helvetica 12-point font for two pages that equal a minute with this spacing.

Click here to download the one-minute script template

That script became this video.

For a two-minute explainer video, of course, use four pages in the same font as your guide.

15-second Version (Use for Instagram stories, TikTok)

We’ve included a visual and a template for 15 seconds because the fewer the seconds, often, the harder it can be to judge and condense. Shorty social media outlets such as IG Stories also box you in with a 15-second limit on length. TikTok works best in short bursts as, Vimeo says, 9-15 seconds, is the most effective length for TikTok (2021 video length article).

Click here to download the 15-second script template

If you’re reviewing a 15-second piece, think of the 15-second script as three elements and a tag. Generally, you’ve got your situation, your problem, and your resolution. Then if it’s a branded piece, you may have an end tag with the brand or sponsorship. That means 3-4 seconds for each area and 3 seconds for the tag. Remember, you can use graphics in the 15-second piece to help extend the amount of information communicated.

Don’t fret about including ALL of the information in the setup. You’ll have space in the social media copy to give your context.

For a 30-second version (Good for e-mail and social media posts on Facebook and the Instagram main), use one page of the script above.

So, no more scripts that are toooooo long. We want people to watch your branded video AND the dog TikToks. As always, let us know if this is helpful and fires on all cylinders.









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