How to Increase Views on your Video Content

Step #1 — Use Data to Fine-Tune Your Audience’s Interests

People tell marketers every day what they prefer. Whether it’s in interactions on social media, discussions in community forums, or blog posts, consumers are signaling their interests like never before. The most tuned-in marketers use these leading insights to their advantage, by using audiences’ interests as the basis for strong content campaigns.

It can be one thing to know that machine-learning audience insights exist, it’s another to weave this step into a content creation process. Perceptive brands like Varsity Spirit, the leading cheerleading company, are using data to build more insightful campaigns for their target audiences.

Recently, Varsity Spirit used machine-learning data insights as the framework for a video content campaign to drive cheer camp sign-ups. By working with Gamma Blast to analyze cheer conversation, Varsity Spirit could steer clear of the potential pitfalls of creating video content based on only gut feeling. They could see what types of online videos received the most interest, keywords to include and those from which to steer away, and important messages and tone for a successful campaign.

Within the cheerleading conversation, much of the online discussion about cheer focuses on the emotional, inspirational elements–the “why” of cheer. Varsity Spirit and Gamma Blast created short-form and long-form video content that spoke to those discussions. Check out one of the long-form pieces used for their sales conference and within their cheer venues. The company is releasing video shorts on short-form video platforms.

Packaging the insights of an audience can be difficult without the correct tools. Machine learning, natural language processing, and search data programs allow marketers to look at thousands and sometimes millions of conversations in less than an hour.

Of course, brands know their audiences. Data is, however, an important, additional layer of any marketing strategy to ensure that video content is the most relevant and builds trust. For any brand and video marketing agency, it’s the first step toward boosting video views and creating the most impact. Next week, more tips on how to improve your content so it gets watched and reaches your valuable audience.




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