• Do you need to train your pilots and mechanics faster in fewer training days, sometimes remotely?
  • Does your airline or training program need to standardize its content and instructors to smooth out student variance?
  • Do you ever look at your data and wonder where the real insights exist to best serve your training content and process?
  • Finally, are you fully prepared to recruit, train, and refresh the next generation of pilots and mechanics?

Gamma Blast Studios has a demonstrated track record of creating custom eLearning solutions informed by data to solve an airline’s or training program’s training and recruiting pain points.

Using Gamma Blast Studios:

  • One major airline saved $250,000 for each pilot training class.
  • An airline saw recurrent training content jump to 97.1% relevancy among its pilots.
  • Training and HF Departments, using our content-to-data system, pinpointed perception gaps in their audience, saving hours and hours of training time.


We bring a unique human-centered content design process and strategies from 25 years of content creation in movies, television, digital, and e-Learning to boost audience engagement.

Our data extraction process illuminates insights within specific training groups so an airline or training program can target energies where most needed, all by looking at their custom, issue-specific data dashboard.

Our customized data-infused video and audio content includes:

  • Standardized Maneuvers
  • Recurrent topics such as CQ, NextGen, IEST
  • Skill monitoring
  • New technology education
  • Qualification Testing
  • Recruiting Video Content

We work within existing infrastructures and programs:


  • Learning Management Systems

  • Machine Learning Azure

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Tableau Server

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