Data-Driven Storytelling

Creating memorable stories, making marketing that’s sticky, building content that moves the needle – whatever you call it, it’s only possible to engineer creative content when you have data that gets into the head of your audience. Period.

Our Data Services Help in 3 Ways:

  • As the foundation for creative content development, our data work set initial insights and informs a buildout of content versions for individual segments
  • Continuing large-scale content-to-data development and optimization with custom reporting dashboards
  • Stand-alone data reports inform product/service development

Our Data Services Help Clients:

  • Reveal why people buy and use your product/service over time
  • Identify and understand your niches
  • Find real in­fluencers who drive engagement
  • See what your audience knows about certain topics
  • Understand your audience’s emotional drivers
  • Provide context for your product/service to other categories
  • Find where your most interested buyers live
  • Compare your product to competitors

Audience insights are gathered in two ways:

Data Reports

Pulled from millions of current and historical conversations from social me­dia, blogs, forums and reviews, it’s a deep dive that goes beyond social listening to see machine-learning connections made between information.

Custom structuring of content and question gateways translated into weighted answers for at-a-glance reporting in Azure and Power BI.

Market Research Reports

Provides every project with a reliable foundation of deep audience insights and includes historical and current conversations from social media, blogs, forums, and reviews.

It’s not the firehose of social media, but a deeper dive showing the connections AI-motivated machine learning makes between information.

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