Motion Graphics Artist: Ralph Gressine


Ralph Gressine not only speaks the language of motion graphics but also three other languages! He’s one of our newest craftspeople behind the visual marketing at Gamma Blast Studios. Read more to learn why our newest Motion Graphics Artist is talented and fab.

Tell us about your international background:

I grew up in Haiti, a small island in the Caribbean, until the age of 14 when my family moved to Orlando. It’s one reason I can speak three languages – French, Creole, and English.

Ralph, what do you love about motion graphics?

I enjoy the whole process of making stories come to life with the help of animation, sounds, and visual effects. I have always had a love for any kind of art. What I enjoy most is taking something that’s basic, and transforming it into something that’s fun to watch with compelling animation, and sounds, whether it’s 3D or 2D.

What else trips your trigger?

  • Salsa and breakdancing
  • Positive environments
  • Animals — Growing up I had multiple dogs, cats, and, even birds
  • Action movies and video games

What are some of your experiences in the field?

Thinking about it, I’ve worked with a broad range of companies and on a variety of projects: with an aerospace company on the concept for a future aircraft, at a video game studio creating 3D characters and environments, and with an AR/VR company building motion graphics animation. Working in-house and as a freelancer gave me a lot of opportunities. I’ve even built websites and developed logos.  I’m really a lover of creating anything visual.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

For four years, I was in a band, playing all types of flutes – bass, soprano, and Alto.

Give motion graphics whiz, flutist, animal lover, and salsa dancer Ralph Gressine a warm welcome!

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