Gamma Blast Studios (GBS) is working to fight the spread of COVID-19. Whether on location or inside a studio, GBS is committed to minimizing risk and monitoring general health standards for best practices. This will require additional responsibilities for all cast and crew. Please work within these guidelines and help us prevent infectious spread throughout our filming days.

Awareness is key to controlling risk. Please review your department requirements and contact production with any/all questions or concerns. In order to do so, we request that crew aid in this through education and transparency of concern. GBS works within the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules to create company policy and procedures for each work environment.


What’s New about our Shooting Day during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Prep Requirements General

  • All cast and crew will be required to provide temperature reads each day, two days prior to filming. Temperature reads must be emailed to the Production Coordinator.
  • Once cast and crew arrives on set, they will be required to provide a temperature reading.
  • In addition to a temperature read, all cast and crew will be required to provide a Pulse Oximeter reading.

Filming Day Requirements & Provisions

  • Call times will be staggered.
  • A set rep will call each Crew and Cast member the morning of filming to relay pertinent COVID-19 considerations in replacement of a Daily “on set” Safety Meeting.
  • Filming days will be limited to 8 hours.
  • Time for each department to “step in, step out” will be built into the filming day.
  • Unless dictated by GBS, there will be no prep, pre-light, or strike days.
  • If you do not have PPE, please notify GBS at least 3 days prior to filming.
  • GBS will provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol (self-dispensing when possible).
  • GBS will separate washing stations from hand sanitizers for maximum ease of access.
  • GBS will provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all personnel who do not provide their own. That being the case, it is a safety-based preference for the crew to supply their own PPE, especially if they have specific preferences.
  • All workstations will implement 6-foot markings on floors.
  • When necessary, GBS will designate pathways as one-way when possible.

Filming Day Best Practices for all Cast and Crew

  • Most importantly, if you are feeling sick, speak up! A hero is someone willing to step down for the safety of others. Please notify Production immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms (1) Low-grade fever (2) Shortness of breath (3) Cold sweats (4) Flu-like symptoms (5) Rash.
  • All personnel should familiarize themselves with the current Centers for Disease Control COVID-19 information.
  • Self-monitor for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and report to your department head if you are sick or experiencing symptoms.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose.
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 30 seconds. Please remove any jewelry during hand washing.
  • Utilize PPE, including but not limited to masks that cover the nose and mouth, face shields, goggles, gloves, finger cots, etc. as needed or required.
  • Replace PPE as necessary.
  • Dispose, clean, or store PPE properly.
  • Limit physical presence to essential personnel.
  • Maintain good ventilation. Keep windows and doors open when possible. Open at least periodically to cycle the air.
  • Maintain social distance of a minimum of 6 feet whenever possible.
  • Masks should be worn in the presence of others and are required when a 6-foot social distance is not possible.
  • Maintain personal hygiene and follow CDC advice (e.g. sneeze or cough into the elbow or tissue).
  • Work with the Producer and department heads to follow proper sanitary guidelines.

Surface Transmission Mitigation

  • Designate individual(s) for overall housekeeping.
  • GBS will post signage to remind people to wash their hands.
  • GBS will designate areas to receive deliveries outside vs. inside the office/motorhome and publicly post sanitary policies clearly for messengers and deliveries.
  • GBS will provide no-touch trash disposal.
  • GBS will supply appropriate disposal receptacles for PPE.
  • GBS will assign tasks to specific individuals when possible (e.g. one person turns office lights on/off, one person adjusts thermostats, etc.).
  • Clean and sanitize all surfaces including high-touch areas (fixtures, light switches, appliance handles, buttons, etc.) upon arrival and departure of staff and clients.
  • No self-serve areas in the kitchen (including coffee) will be permitted.
  • Park and move your own car.
  • Use your cell phone as opposed to a landline.

Specific Departments

Hair & Make-Up

  • Wear appropriate PPE for the duration of person-to-person contact.
  • Provide 6’ space between make-up stations or request a partition in between.
  • Use single-use brushes and applicators if proper disinfectant cannot be guaranteed.
  • Disinfect equipment in between uses.
  • Mix foundation, powders, lipstick, etc. on a separate clean palette for each individual.
  • Clean hairbrushes and combs with appropriate disinfecting solution.
  • Have actors wear a mask when possible (e.g. while having their eyes or hair done).
  • Only remove the actor’s PPE when essential, and alert surrounding areas.
  • Once made up, actors may consider a face shield (as opposed to a mask) to not disturb completed make-up.
  • Make-up Artist or Hairstylist may handle the placing / removing of face shields on the actor (if the actor prefers).
  • Ask your Producer if the actor can show up having completed their own hair or make-up.

Wardrobe Department

  • Wear appropriate PPE for the duration of person-to-person contact.
  • Wear PPE when preparing the wardrobe.
  • Plan wardrobe ahead of shopping / pulling from rental houses.
  • Use PPE when looking through garments in rental houses and retail stores. GBS prefers online purchasing over renting or in-store purchases.
  • Review current retail return and exchange policies as most stores have adapted to COVID-19. Discuss changes with Production Coordinator.
  • Book talent and get sizes as early as possible.
  • Send wardrobe to talent prior to filming to fit independently. Include sanitizers and separate bagging.
  • Sanitize jewelry and glasses with appropriate, non-damaging cleaning solutions.
  • Consider having actors arrive in their own wardrobe, as much as possible.
  • Costumes and outfits should be bagged up individually, by performer.

Catering/Craft Services

  • Wear PPE at all times when preparing or handling food.
  • Our set will work on French hours so crew can stagger meals to eat when they feel most comfortable.
  • Lunch will be boxed and unopened from catering vendor.
  • Tables and seating (outdoors when possible) will allow for social distance. Please keep two empty seats between every cast and/or crew member.
  • Washing stations will be identified on the call sheet in proximity to the meal area.
  • Craft will only provide single-serve, packaged condiments.
  • Craft will only provide individual, prepackaged portioned snacks and other food items.
  • Refill reusable water bottles without person-to-person contact, and without contact between bottle and dispenser. Any disposable water bottles or abandoned food left out will be disposed of immediately.
  • All crew must wash hands before entering the catering or craft service area.

Camera Department

  • PPE must be worn for the duration of person-to-person contact.
  • One Camera Operator assigned to a camera. No cross-handling of gear. Complete packages for one operator at a time.
  • All gear must be wiped down with EPA-approved disinfectant wipes. This must be done once at call, lunch, and wrap.

Sound Department

  • PPE must be worn for the duration of person-to-person contact.
  • Disinfect Comteks before and after each use. Label Comteks with the name of the user. It is your shared responsibility to ensure no cross-usage of Comteks.
  • Disinfect Lav mics and transmitters before and after each use.
  • Replace Lav mounting components that cannot be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Ask your GBS producer about utilizing boom-only audio (as opposed to rigging Lav mics)

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